We didn't invent the wheel, but weíre making it move. Arroyo Tires is an innovative brand made with the most advanced technology to bring you the best quality with the safety in mind. Whether you like to ride fast or like take it slow, rule the road when you choose Arroyo.,Arroyo Tires offers superior performance, precision handling, braking grip, comfort and durability along with low noise level. We are dedicated to delivering enhanced savings and operational efficiencies while reducing environmental impact. Our all-season tires are a perfect fit for any vehicle. Peruse through these grooves until you find whatís right for you!


  • Driving Stability and High Speed Controllability
    Central longitudinal continuous main rib, provides straight driving stability and high speed controllability ensuring safety. Twin longitudinal main grooves with 3D groove walls are effective in preventing hydroplaning in wet road, and reduce noise. Continuous blocks ensure efficient ground contact area, providing extreme control of stability.
  • With the Advance Design
    With the advance design concept silica compound and 3D sipe distribution ULTRA SPORT A/S provides reliable grip and excelent braking performance in wet and dry conditions.

Sizes and Specs

Diameter Tire Size Ply Rating Section Width Aspect Ratio Approved Rim Tread Depth Max Load (lbs) Max PSI UTQG
19 255/50R19 255 50 500 A A
20 275/45R20 275 45 500 A A
275/55R20 275 55 500 A A
22 235/30R22 235 30 500 A A
245/30R22 245 30 500 A A
245/30R22 245 30 500 A A
265/35R22 265 35 500 A A
265/40R22 265 40 500 A A
305/40R22 305 40 500 A A
285/45R22 285 45 500 A A
24 295/35R24 295 35 500 A A
305/35R24 305 35 500 A A
26 295/30R26 295 30
305/30R26 305 30